Monday, March 6, 2017

Beautiful Store and living with less

living with less simple life
A Subway AD for Beautiful Store 

I used to arrange things in my house and clear out all that old junk whenever the seasons change. Why did I do that? I just wanted a simple life. I wanna live with less and I feel comfortable in a room with small numbers of things that I really need.
Last November I stumbled on a subway AD for Beautiful Store while waiting subway on my way home late at night.

Crying sneakers

After finding a job, my sneakers have been crying.
 The shoes will help you to get through.

I used to regularly contributes money to charities but I had thought there wasn't much merit in giving away things that I don't want anymore. However, instead of just throwing them away, I decided to donate stuff that I don't use thanks to the AD. 

After changing my mind, I sent eight boxes of books, clothing, kitchenware, and DVDs etc. to Beautiful Store. I felt really great because of the house which was neat and clean. In addition, the organization issued a receipt, the unexpected plus, about the contribution.

Voluntary donation makes me happy and improves the quality of my life whether it is big or small. And it turns me on to another social issues where I live together with our neighbors. The other good thing is that it gives me a chance to think many times when I buy something. I ponder on whether to take it or not even though it's really cheap and small.

I give thanks for the things I have which help me lead convenient life. :)

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