Wednesday, March 1, 2017

'Splendid Politics' Episode 50 Recap (The End)

hwajung ep 50 recap review
Kang Joo-sun (Jo Sung-ha)'s wife gets arrested and lots of business magnates have exploited the poor people under the power of the big merchant are also judged by the law. Jo Yeo-jeong (Kim Min-seo) still denying reality is ordered poison as a death penalty. 

hwajung ep 50 recap review
Kim Ja-jeom (Jo Min-ki) bumped into Kang Joo-sun speaks in a cool tone, "Let's go together. There is the only way we can go." The criminal who had enjoyed an unparalleled level of power is offended by the remark still not forgiving him.

hwajung ep 50 recap review
Princess Jeongmyeong (Lee Yeon-hee) and Hong Joo-won (Seo Kang-joon) are in deep sorrow next to Kang In-woo (Han Joo-wan) at his last gasp. The man dying says all the way before drawing his last breath that he has been really happy to stand by the only friend and the woman to the last minute. His father in a prison sheds tears at the news of the son's death.

hwajung ep 50 recap review
The day before public execution, Kim Ja-jeom tells Jeongmyeong that another Kim Ja-jeom and Kang Joo-sun will appear soon although justice has prevailed this time.
The princess states, "I agree with your word, the painful truth. I know that this world is just a splendidly vacant land and we may not change the world. However, there is a hope for me to be with people fighting with us at the moment when I contend for righteousness."
Kim Ja-jeom roots for her even though he's still against her.

hwajung ep 50 recap review
In the another room, Kang Joo-sun also speaks to Hong Joo-won seen him personally as a friend of his son exactly like his ex-comrade. 
Hong Joo-won answers, "I know that we will fall down again fighting with another powerful person. However, we fight not to forget to stand while stumble or falling down and someone sharing the same heart will continue to fight even if we are tripped up. This is another truth I know. This is another world I believe."
He adds before leaving the prison, "Your son has never blamed you at all."
The father smiles slightly with tearful eyes thinking of his son unlike in character to the end.

hwajung ep 50 recap review
Hong Joo-won and his father, who have contributed heavily to expel rebel, both turn down their promotion and come back to Byeoljocheong with the princess.
Jeongmyeong says to Hyojong (Lee Min-ho) that she will be his enemy from the moment of getting out of the room. She left him a big scroll written 'Splendid Politics' hoping him to be a wise king who will never succumb to authority and reign over people. The king is touched by the profound meaning.

hwajung ep 50 recap review
The couple came back to Byeoljocheong start a new day looking for a sulfur pot with the people who has been overcoming tough times with one accord.

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