Monday, January 16, 2017

Korean Novel: 'The City of Familiar Strangers' by Choi In-ho

When was the last time have you read a paper book?
I feel really good when I turn the pages of the p-book in spite of development of technology.
And I believe that reading book, especially printed book, slowly repeating intention of every sentences help me to find a better way of life and loving myself through small happiness from daily life.

Choi In-ho Korean author 낯익은 타인들의 도시 최인호
The City of Familiar Strangers

I'm afraid that the book has not been translated into English yet.
I was really happy when The Vegetarian by Korean author Han Kang won The 2016 Man  Booker International Prize.
Still there are lots of undiscovered Korean authors because they couldn't overcome the language barrier.

The City of Familiar Strangers is about 'Who am I?'
Choi In-ho, one of the most well-known author in Korea, finished the work only after two months of start writing while he was failing rapidly due to chemotherapy.
This is about a guy named K who suddenly feels unfamiliar to his surrounding people including family.
One of reason it touches my heart is that the fact Choi had only about two years on the ground since the book published.
Saying good -by to the routine, even though it wasn't voluntary for K, may be the fastest way to realize who I am.

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