Sunday, June 12, 2016

About my people and growing older from Dear My Frieds (Dieo Mai Peurenjeu)

Dear My Frieds Dieo Mai Peurenjeu
Recently I watched Dear My Friends, a new South Korean television series starring Go Hyun-jung and Jo In-Sung, by chance. 

Go Hyun Jung
Jo In Sung
I can't deny that the glamorous heroin and the former top model grabbed my interest for first time. But I found myself smiling and weeping at the same time while watching its first episode "Sorry, I'm not Curious About You Guys". and I started to download the other episodes at once.

Lee Gwang Soo
It's a story about ordinary people, whose characters are in a difficult situation, and their family, friends, and lives.
There is no unusually beautiful love story of young couple as well as extraordinary event like Cinderella story.

Dear My Frieds Dieo Mai Peurenjeu
Dear My Frieds Dieo Mai Peurenjeu
There is my deceased mother who sacrificed her life for her children.
There is my father who fell in love again at last walking away from sorrow.
There is my sister, brother, and me who wanted to return the parent's favor.
There is my 91-year-old grandmother who just know that the world is a big place.
And there is my old friend who went back home in her twenties.

I love Noh Hee-Kyung.
The writer never let me down.
Although her TV series haven't attracted a large number of viewers, she is the best for me. 

<My Recommendation>
Worlds Within (KBS2, 2008) starring Song Hye-Kyo & Hyun Bin 
It's Okay, That's Love (SBS, 2014) starring Jo In-Sung & Gong Hyo-Jin  

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