Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hani, Jimin, Kangnam to be show host in 'I'm Going to School'

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M.I.B's Kangnam, Exid's Hani, model Nam Joo Hyuk, and AOA's Jimin became classmates for Gwacheon Foreign Language High School edition on JTBC's I'm Going to School.
In this episode, they became show hosts in English class.

EXID's Hani became excellent show host to sell 2 piece L shape sofa. 
She was praised by the teacher with her fluent English. 
"If you buy sofa now, you will get living room light for free."
She also got perfect score in Chinese test. 

She is provokingly smart. lol

AOA's Jimin had to sell 5-day package trip to Boracay and became rapper show host with another student.
"Five-day package! Five-star hotel! Yeah~~ Hi Five"
"Breakfast? Yeah~! Scuba diving? Yeah~!"
"Book now! Two five. Two five! Seven zero six, Yeah~!"

lol She is so adorable.  :)

When Kangnam and Joo Hyuk said, "Too expensive. Discount!"
She answered, "50 percent." lol

M.I.B's vocalist Kangnam sold beautiful 6 person jacuzzi bathtub.
He made his partner asking questions continually not selling the product to classmates. lol
And he kept the crowd in stitches explaining what jacuzzi is with his movement and facial expressions.
Every students wanted to buy the product and it was sold out. lol

Let's enjoy Up&Down collaboration 

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