Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Alberto Mondi's Online Ad for 'Non-Summit' (performed by Yoo Se Yoon)

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Yoo Se Yoon, a comedian and president of an advertising company named AD 100, has performed Alberto Mondi's online Advertisement for Non-Summit, a television program on JTBC in South Korea.
The show features a panel of non-Korean men, living in Korea, who debate on various topics and 'Korean culture, through the eyes of a foreigners.'
Yoo Se Yoon is the secretary general in the talk show and the company AD 100 has an unique concept of spending just one million won to make an ad.

Alberto Mondi is first star among members of the program in the commercial released April 6 this year.
The Italian gentleman is the singer of the theme song written by Yoo Se Yoon and composed by Muzie, the other member of UV.
Jun Hyun Moo, another host of Abnormal Summit narrates the advertising phrase, "A square refrigerator, round the world Non-Summit."

Take a look at the video clip~
Especially Korean pronunciation "~Yop" of the Roman soldier in front of Colosseum  lol

Can you find Zhang Yuan, the representative in China, of Non-Summit?  lol
Second ad starring Zhang Yuan for the show will be released in one of next week~  ;)

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