Sunday, March 22, 2015

Change of viewpoint makes novelty_泥中蟠龍‘s Game愛歌

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Survive! Mola mola!, The Deal, and Megamind from the left

Do you know a recent Japanese mobile game Survive! Mola mola!? Game hero's surviving to the last is the most important mission in most games. However, the more the fish dies, the more gets it stronger in the new concept of game. Nowadays I'm coming into competition with my friends how many times it dies. It's hard to die after it dies and raised from the dead several times because it's too strong. My hero had died 80 times and I play with eight-first sunfish. I'm hard at playing the game for the hundredth survival.

Do you Know a recent Korean movie The Deal? Most crime thrillers deal with story of a main character tracking down a criminal. But The the film talk about revenge for the murderer who already caught after the leading role frustrated due to limitations of the administration of justice. It is difficult to watch chasing the criminal to capture the suspect unlike most crime thrillers.

Do you know a animation Megamind? In most animated films, most heroes fight for justice. However, Megamind is a bad guy. The film takes place after global conquest of the villain who accidentally defeated a brave man and conquered the world.

I like to talk about fresh attempts as mentioned above. Recently, lots of well-made games has released. On the other hand, it's not easy to discern differences comparing with specific screens of the games despite of good quality of them. A new trial usually can be said special effort to make something new applied a different method with others. 
Recent new games seems to be repackaged and renamed after combine the best of games with a good sales result without change of view. New challenges of Survive! Mola mola!, The Deal, and Megamind are definitely fresh and pleasant in that sense.

Of course, new attempt doesn't bring about good result all the time. We knew there were many fresh games which is not interesting to play. (You must have deleted the games just right after you downloaded. Or you don't even remember at all about the game themselves.)
But there are a lot of games which are not fresh at all and remain in your memory. In the past two years, it hard to count how many run games like Wind Runner and puzzle games such as Anypang were made.  

A new trial is always hard to do and painstaking research is necessary. It is not only mission but also challenge itself. Therefore, I love to see new challenges and enjoy trying something new. For that I support many game developers trying new styles. At the same time I give a big hand to developers for Survive! Mola mola!, The Deal, and Megamind who already created new style of products.  

泥中蟠龍's Game愛歌 
means "A love song for games of a dragon waiting for an opportunity"

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