Monday, February 13, 2017

'Splendid Politics' Episode 47 Recap

Princess Jeongmyeong Lee Yeon hee
Princess Jeongmyeong (Lee Yeon-hee) and Hong Joo-won (Seo Kang-joon) make Kang Joo-sun (Jo Sung-ha) and Kim Ja-jeom (Jo Min-ki) be taken into Uigeumbu, the judiciary organ during Joseon dynasty, using their wits.

hong joo won seo kang joon jo yeo jeong kim min seo
Jo Yeo-jeong (Kim Min-seo) in a tight situation tells King Injo (Kim Jae-won) a big lie about a court lady being killed by herself maintaining her own innocence. But Hong Joo-won says sharply that she will pay for her slander on Prince Sohyun (Baek Sung Hyun)'s death.

lee yeon hee princess jeongmyeong jo min ki kang joo sun
Kang Joo-sun who has sent a messenger with all his money to ask Qing to help him still doesn't confess himself to be guilty. 

injo kim jae won
Injo whose health is in decline gives special instructions to the chief royal secretary delivering a letter of the King written about succession to the throne.

Splendid Politics
Princess Jeongmyeong Lee Yeon-hee
Kim Ryu (Park Joon-kyu), who is appointed a minister entrusted with the king´s deathbed injunctions, prevents Crown Prince Bongrim (Lee Min Ho) from visiting his father. Bongrim and Jeongmyeong are at a loss what to do.

Splendid Politics
seo kang joon hong joo won
Kim Ryu sees an opportunity to turn the tables on people close to the Crown Prince including Jeongmyeong and Kang Joo-sun visits Bongrim to suggest him to stay by his side if he wants to be the next king.

Injo Kim Jae won
Contrary to Kang Joo-sun's expectations, the blank letter of the king lying at death's door shocks all the people who plotted against the king. 
"I am telling what I wanted to say in the letter. I will punish all insurgents in this room severely. This is my last order." Injo shouts in a voice filled with rage.

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