Tuesday, March 17, 2015

'Girl's Day' Minah's comeback performances on Myeongdong streets

Is a new trend K-pop stars' comeback performances on the street rather than on music shows in 2015 in South Korea? 

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Minah(present) and Minah(six years ago in her school uniform) at the same spot

Yesterday Girl's Day's Minah returned to the Myeongdong streets for showcase in celebration of her solo album release since six years she performed a cover of Beyonce's Irreplaceable at the same place when the lovely idol was in high school.

Check it out the K-pop star singing passionately a solo title I Am a Woman Too and the sexy diva's mega-hit song made the ordinary little girl come up in conversation before her debut.

Minah is so pretty and confident herself even on the street. :)

A lady eating an ice bar behind the truck during her performances is really funny. lol

Minah says, "I came here with just a stereo amp six years ago to cover Irreplaceable. At the time, no one was waiting for me like today, so it feels weird." 
I guess she is filled with emotion with the event in six years. :)

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