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About love like full moon from 'The Handmaiden (Agassi)'

The Handmaiden Agassi main poster
The Handmaiden (Agassi)
The Handmaiden (Agassi), which was invited to 2016 Cannes Film Festival in France as the newest release of a famous South Korean director Park Chan-wook, has caused much controversy because it is more commercial than artistic compared to his previous works like Oldboy or Thirst.

In conclusion, I don't agree with the opinion.

Kim Min-hee dog tooth
Lady Hideko (Kim Min-hee)
Sook-hee (Kim Tae-ri) dulls the edge of dog tooth of Lady Hideko (Kim Min-hee) in a bath tub using her finger wearing a thimble as if she takes care of a baby of her own. The scene gives us a hint of things of coming between the two in a roundabout way with weirdly obvious behavior.

Sook hee Kim Tae ri Hideko
Sook-hee (Kim Tae-ri) & Lady Hideko
kim tae ri
Big differences of viewpoint between man and woman about same-sex relationships in the film pretty baffles me. A few erotic scenes made me remind a respectful religious ceremony not just about sexuality. My eyes were even moist while watching stark-naked body because I truly understood that the young ladies wholeheartedly love each other free from gender, social position, and nation etc.

I had waited for my soulmate -Mr Right, ideal type, or life-long mate... whatever it's called- till I turned thirty five deciding not to pick out someone for the simple reason that I was old enough to get married. (Luckily my husband suddenly appeared in an unexpected place.) Even though the situation is totally different, I identified with Hideko who was supposed to waited to meet the one without any promise.

lady hideko cho jin woong uncle kouzuki
Lady & Uncle
count fujiwara hideko
Count Fujiwara & Hideko
Men show us dirty and hypocritical behaviors, while women are very straightforward and sincere about their love and lives. 
Although Ha Jung-woo (Count Fujiwara) and Cho Jin-woong (Uncle Kouzuki) delivers outstanding performances, it is hard to look at the two brilliant actors lovely.

Agassi can be a happy ending or sad ending depends on how you see it.
Personally, the full moon of the final scene is touching.
The movie makes me want to read its original novel 'Fingersmith' by Sarah Waters.

My favorite scene is that Sook-hee puts a suitcase under the wall(?) for Kim Min-hee to step on to a new world. With the scene, I feel free, too. (I cannot find any image of it.)

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