Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hot Brain: Problematic Men Ep.96 Brain Warm-ups (Questions) with Jhun Yong-duk of DreamWorks

brain warm ups noepulgi
Jhun Yong-duk
Who is Mr. Jhun?

‎Head of Layout at DreamWorks Animation

MFA degree in Computer Arts from the School of Visual Arts, NY, USA(2000)
BFA degree in Graphic Design from University of Seoul(1996)

Kung Fu Panda (2008), Shrek Forever After (2010), The Croods (2013)


brain warm ups noepulgi
Let's say I give you a rectangular cake - and in that cake there's a rectangular hole of some size at any position and orientation - how would you cut the cake in half from the top down using one slice of a very long knife?
(The big caveat to reiterate is that they can't cut the cake horizontally through the middle.)

brain warm ups noepulgi dragon head tail
There is an wicked dragon with three heads and three tails. You can cut one or two head or tail with one swing a sword. If you chops off one head, a new head grows and cut one tail, two new tails grow. And if you cut off two tails, one head grow, chops off two heads, nothing grows. How many times do you have to swing the sword to defeat the evil dragon?

brain warm ups noepulgi
Hyun-moo made triangle of red-colored front and yellow-colored back folding these three rectangle of papers only once. How did he make it?

brain warm ups noepulgi mural
A mural with marks is found while excavating ancient Egyptian antiquities. Interpret a message contained in the mural with signs.


✔ A1.
Cut along the line passing the center of the hole and the center of the rectangular.
brain warm ups noepulgi

✔ A2. 9

Dragon with HHH/TTT
☛H=head, T=tail

Cut 1T×3Swings → HHH/TTTTTT
Cut 2T×3Swings → HHHHHH
Cut 2H×3Swings → None
brain warm ups noepulgi

✔ A3.
brain warm ups noepulgi
brain warm ups noepulgi you can do it
Park Kyung

✔ A4. 151
※ = +, V = ₋
brain warm ups noepulgi mural

brain warm ups noepulgi mural
Ha Seok-jin

Jun Hyun-moo, Ha Seok-jin, Kim Ji-seok, Lee Jang-won, Tyler Rasch, and Park Kyung