Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Black-and-tan Jindo dog chasing ducks

My father moved to the country made a big pond in front of his house a couple of years ago and started to bring up ducks to catch bullfrogs after losing his sleep over the croaks of frogs.
Then one day the ducks and their ducklings all disappeared in a single night.
Next morning one of the creature's body was found under a 60-year-old ginkgo tree my grandfather planted.

Even though the old man smelled a rat, he couldn't punish the criminal without mercy. 
Black-and-tan Jindo dog named Mooggoo (means 'black dog' in Chinese) is not only our family dog but also my dad's friend.

My father sincerely cares for Mooggoo as one of his family members although the troublemaker once stole an underwear of grandma in the town.

When he was a puppy he was kidnapped(?) and my dad searched high and low for his lost baby. One week later he finally came back home wasting away to a skeleton when the owner was about given up on finding him. I think dogs are better than people at times.

Recently my father breeds ducklings again to prepare for summer. 
They are quite grown now.
I hope two different species of animals can be friends this time.

The video footage below was recorded yesterday.
Mooggoo looks swimming but I think he is actually walking in the shallow pond. :)

swimming pond

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