Sunday, March 8, 2015

"Infinity Challenge" Members turn into Daycare Center Teachers

Recently, child abuse in daycare centers a huge issue. A young girl who ate only what he likes and leave behind food was beaten by a nursery home teacher and she finally took into custody. The case has incurred lots of people anger and brought the problem of child abuse into focus in South Korea.

This is the related video footage.

With the big social issue, Infinite Challenge Members became daycare center and kindergarten teachers for about a day after they were specially tutored by an expert in child psychology Dr. Oh Eun Yeong.

Dr. Oh's  Ten Childcare Rules

1. Don't cut child off in the middle of what he(She) are saying.
2. Look at child with an affectionate eye.
3. Don't scold child in front of many people.
4. Don't spank child.
5. Don't make a promise if you can't keep your word.
6. Don't take child's duty.  
7. Don't  be ashamed to apologize to child for your fault.
8. Don't spoil child keeping him(her) in cotton wool.
9. Don't get angry when child get angry.
10. Father needs to care about the time of quality he spends with his child.

Here's heart-warming pictures of each members with children.
Some of them are not good at child care, however, all members shows their love, care, and passion. :)

infinite challenge daycare center teacher yoo jae suk
Daycare center teacher Yoo Jae Suk

infinite challenge daycare center teacher jeong jun ha
Daycare center teacher Jeong Jun Ha

infinite challenge daycare center teacher park myeong su
Daycare center teacher Park Myeong Su

infinite challenge kindergarten teacher Haha
Kindergarten teacher Haha

infinite challenge kindergarten teacher Jeong Hyeong Don
Kindergarten teacher Jeong Hyeong Don

Pictures make me smile.
It 's like a lecture program rather than an enjoying entertainment show this weekend. :0

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  1. I really enjoyed watching this back then when it was aired. As a mother i just can relate to this issue so much. it really is terrible what happened that time. But it happens everywhere. I occasionally need to remember myself those rules you've kindly written. thanks for writing this article.

    1. I was outraged at the news at that time. They deserve to be respected as a human. Thank you for reading this. :)

  2. Can someone tell me what episode is this

    1. It's episode 418. I hope it's helpful. :)